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Who is behind Zipper-Boots?

equipo zipper boots

Life sometimes surprises us.

We are two sisters who have launched a new product in the world of footwear. For us it is not only a brand of boots, but much more. After being separated for so long, living in different countries and each of us dedicating ourselves to our own profession destiny has intervened. In these difficult and uncertain times in which we live we have come together to launch a beautiful family project 

The zip that makes our boots different represents a 360 degree change in our lives and the even more special coming together of our family. 

Behind Zipper-Boots there is a team of creative and enterprising people who, believing in this project from the very beginning, have brought together commitment, experience, responsibility and good work in order to reach all those who want to join us on this innovative and new journey.

Our goal will always be to improve and better ourselves day by day.